Copy Center

Information Services Copy Center

The Information Services Copy Center is available for district use as a resource to get print, copy, lamination and many other services.  It is not available to process any jobs for personal or public individuals because we are not prepared to accept funds for sales tax.

Copy Center Services:

  • Document Copying & Printing in Black or Full Color   
    • Collating
    • Binding
      • Stapling
      • Hole Punch
      • Comb Binding
      • Padding 
    • Cutting
    • Folding
  • Laminating
  • 2 1/4" Round pin-back buttons
  • Typesetting/Graphic Design

Copy center Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I submit a job to the copy center?

A: If you wish to submit a hard copy, copy the traditional Hard Copy Request Form, complete it by hand, attach it to your file with paper clip (unstapled) and obtain your administrator’s approval and have them send it to the Copy Center through District Mail.

If you have an electronic copy, complete the Electronic Copy Request Form (in Excel) and send it, along with the file to copy, and send it to your administrator for approval. Please do not send it directly to the Copy Center or “cc” us. Your administrator will forward it to us with their approval.

Q. Where do I find the copy center pricing?

Please review the Copy Center Pricing page for full pricing details

Q: How do you prioritize jobs?

A: During the normal school year, we prioritize based on the “Date Wanted” that you submit. During the fall rush, we do a combination of both the “Date Received” and the “Date Wanted”. We do our best to complete rush jobs as requested, but please be aware that such things as the workload volume and copier repair/maintenance may make your request impossible.

Q. What is the turnaround time for a job?

A: During the normal school year, please allow 3 working days. During the Fall startup rush, please allow a minimum of 5 working days or more depending on complexity of the job. Also, due to the high volume of print jobs, we do not do laminating or padding from June through September. Please hold your laminating or padding job there so they do not pile up here.

Q: If I want to pick up or drop off a job instead of waiting for district mail, where do I come?

A: The Copy Center is located at the Technology Center at 1002 Front Street (across from the skate rink near downtown). We are normally open from 6:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, 12 months out of the year, District holidays excluded.

Q. Are there any common mistakes or questions about how to complete a Copy Request form?

One very common mistake is in the “Total # of originals to be copied”. If you are submitting a hard copy master that is double sided, EACH SIDE is considered an original, i.e., 20 sheets of paper, double sided to be printed = 40 pages or 40 originals.

The “# of copies wanted” is the number of single sheets or SETS (if collated and stapled). Please do not multiply the number of originals x the number of sets.

Please be aware of the size and type of paper sections on your form. They are divided by bolding. Please do not confuse paper and cardstock by marking in multiple sections unless your job consists of covers.

Always complete the “finishing” section of the forms. It is very important for us to know whether you want your multiple original job collated (in page order—1, 2, 3) or not collated (grouped or stack the same pages—111, 222, 333).