Robotics Competition

NSD Robotics Students Competing in Utah
Posted on 03/10/2017
Naskco team members with their robot.

Nampa School District’s robotics team, named NASKCO (for Nampa, Skyview and Columbia high schools), is currently at the Maverik Center in West Valley, Utah, for the Utah FIRST Robotics competition, which began Friday, March 10.

The team is led by advisor John Schisel, a teacher at Columbia. The students will compete with a robot they spent six weeks designing and building. FIRST Robotics unveils each year’s challenge at the same time nationwide, and students have a short window of time to design a robot to meet specific challenges.

Using math, science and engineering skills, the students designed steampunk-inspired robots to prepare long distance airships for a race. Robots must lob "fuel cells" into a mock steam boiler to build enough fuel to operate a simulated steam-powered airship. Meanwhile, robots also must transport giant gears to the airship to engage the ship’s propellers. Finally, teams must hoist the robots to their hovering airship to complete the round.

Students benefit by getting to use the skills learned in class in a practical application, which reinforces the need to succeed in school in order to pursue STEM careers. When they return to Nampa, they will begin preparations for the Idaho Regional FIRST Robotics competition held at Boise State March 30-April 1.