East Valley Portables Get a Refresh

East Valley Portables Get a Refresh
Posted on 08/22/2017
Family Painting EVMS

Dozens of volunteers recently came together as a community to paint the portables at East Valley Middle School. Over the years the conditions of the portable classrooms had declined. With tight district budgets and a real need for some repairs and new paint, the school turned to the community for help.  

“Getting the exterior of the portable classrooms where they need to be has required a major effort, with many service activities spread out over much of the summer,” said James Bledsoe, project coordinator. Efforts over several weekends included pressure washing, ramp and siding repairs, scraping, priming and painting. “It is amazing what groups of 40 and 60 people can accomplish in an hour or two.” 

The project was promoted on along with many other community service opportunities. Volunteers came from a variety of churches and youth groups, including the nearby congregations of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Crossroads Community Church, as well as neighbors, school staff and others. The project wrapped up on Aug. 19 with about 150 volunteers.

 Girls help scrape paint off portables.
Volunteers at EVMS work on the portables.
Volunteers help prep the portables for painting.
Boys prep a handrail at the portables.
Volunteers scrape paint.
Woman painting the portables.
Men discuss how to paint the portables.