Tuition-Based Full-time Kindergarten

The Nampa School District offers a tuition-based, full-time kindergarten option. The every-day option currently is available at Iowa, Lake Ridge, Owyhee and Ronald Reagan elementary schools. The number of participating schools is determined each year based on parent interest, but enrollment is open to all district students. Parents living outside the school boundaries will need to provide transportation.

Tuition for this option is $250 per month for 9 months (Sept-May). Parents who register by June 15 and sign up for automatic payment will receive a monthly discount. A discount also is available to parents who pay for the full year up front. If you wish to pay for the full year up front, payments will be accepted starting July 1. Monthly payments will be begin the end of August with a due date of September 1. Emails will be sent out for both options, when available.

To submit an application and pay the $25 registration fee, please click on this Tuition-Based, Full-Time Kindergarten application link.

Full Time Kindergarten Fact Sheet