False social media reports


Social media reports about a 14-year-old student being attacked by a teacher in the Gateways Program are false.


Today Sept. 26, a 14-year-old student -- Student # 1 -- was injured in fall after staff members at the school attempted to escort him to a secure quiet room when he became disruptive and a danger to himself and others. The student’s classroom was evacuated of other students during the activity and police called.


Student #1 mother was called and she arrived at the school after the principal contacted her.


The mother assisted staff with her other student at the school --  Student #2, a sibling of Student #1, who became violent during the situation and threated to kill staff members. He was moved to a quiet area.


The mother she then visited with Student #1. Mother reported to school staff that Student #1 also had injured his nose during the weekend.

Both Student #1 and Student #2 also have casts from surgeries unrelated to school activities.


After meeting with Student #1, the mother and Nampa School Resource Officer Jacob Peper took the Student #1 to the hospital for treatment.


The district superintendent and special education director reviewed the incident with the staff and found that procedures were followed.


Gateways Program is for students with severe behavior and emotional challenges who cannot be served in the regular classroom setting. The school serves about 60 students from age 6 to 21.